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The Best Superfood

Do you love hitting the easy button? I do. Any time I can find an easy button for my family, I take a serious look at it. And when that choice also means great nutrition, more antioxidants than I could otherwise eat all day, and it’s good for the whole family – I’ll pick that every day, all day long. That’s what Ningxia is for my family. It’s the easiest easy button, it’s delicious, and it has unbelievable benefits for the whole family! It’s one of my favorite things to add t

Holiday Cheer

Hello! It’s been a while since I’ve done a non-class post, so I figured it was just about time. We celebrated James’ first birthday – we had a great time making him some cutout cakes (family tradition passed down from my mom’s mom!), and had family out to the house to celebrate…the first visit to the house for some of them! Jamie and Great Grandpa Tom Jamie and Grandma Kimmie James is obviously working on his walking…well, now running skills, and figures out how to get into p

MidSummer’s Update

Here we are, folks. I know it’s not technically the middle of summer yet. Honestly I don’t even know if summer has officially started or not. But we’re almost halfway through the month of July, and that feels like we’re about halfway through summer to me. And it’s a good thing, too, because I am more than ready for winter to be back again! Let’s recap the last little while quick… Last night my son found the singular piece of fuzz that had come out of the dog’s teddy bear, pop

After All This Time

It’s been a busy week around here for us…Father’s Day on Sunday, our fourth anniversary was Tuesday, and tomorrow James will be 6mo old! It seems like we’re settling into a new rhythm every week…and I’m honestly loving it. We had an amazing time celebrating John’s first Father’s Day over the weekend! His best friend since grade school came up with his new girlfriend and we had such a good time hanging out at the house, and then finished off the evening at the shooting range!

James Louis | The Last Months

The third trimester dawned and quickly proved to be the busiest yet. Which was perfect, because I was getting bigger by the hour, and there’s apparently nothing funnier than a pregnant woman trying to keep up with the rest of the world. In early July, I packed my bags and drive to Omaha, where my mom, sister, and a friend of ours met me. We grabbed dinner with Grandpa, loaded all of our stuff in my SUV, and the next morning we hit the road for Salt Lake City for the Young Liv

James Louis | The Next Months

As the second trimester began, I quickly realized that Ningxia Red® was going to be my best friend during this pregnancy. This little man already loved the stuff, and he wasn’t even born yet! All in all, the next few months were pretty uneventful. We went to our monthly appointments with Darcie, and they became our monthly date nights. Because we live so far from the city, John and I would meet at Darcie’s office when he got off work, and then we would stop for Sonic on the w

Valentine’s Day

Y’all, I love Valentine’s Day. Not for the flowers or the cards. Not even for the chocolates (I prefer to get mine on sale in the days following the 14th). No, I just love the excuse to be sappy and adorable and obnoxious. We’re a busy couple with a 4mo old that requires constant attention, as most littles do. And since we’re trying to budget to replace our dying vehicle, we don’t go out to eat very often. So things like Valentine’s Day, birthdays, anniversary’s…they’re all g

In Which We Travel to a Garden Expo

We just got back from a super busy, fun-filled weekend at the Garden Expo in Madison, WI, where we had several wonderful people join our Young Living team! Weekend trips to WI to visit my parents always ends up being pretty exhausting, because we try to minimize the time we take off from work. We drove up Thursday night, after John got home from work, which meant we didn’t pull out of the driveway until 6:30pm! With a solid 6hr drive ahead of us, and a nursing 4mo old in tow,

101 Essential Oils

Did you know that the average woman puts on over 300 chemicals a day, between her soap, shampoo, makeup, and other cosmetics, not to mention her clothes! 80 of those are just before breakfast! What if you could replace those chemicals with natural, plant-based products for you and your whole family? Even better, what if you could save money while doing it!? Join me for a fun class on the basics of essential oils, and the Young Living starter kit to talk about all of this, and

2019 – Christmas Musings

In some crazy twist of timing, Jamie’s first Christmas and his 3mo milestone fell on nearly the same day! And what a day it was. This year, we were blessed to be able to get all of our immediate family together for Christmas for the first time in several years, so my sister flew in from Denver, and my parents and grandma drove in from WI to spend the week with us. Since I was behind on things around here, for soooo many reasons, we even got to decorate the tree together, whic

James Louis | The first months

The end of January 2019 saw me in WI, visiting family and helping with a vendor event that my mom had signed up for. It was the first big event that we had done, so it was all hands on deck. We spent a few days leading up to it at the house, setting up mock-booths to test our layout, inventorying product, and making sure we knew what was in each box and crate so we could get set up in time and feel somewhat organized. On the morning of the first day, we made a LOT of coffee,

Seven Busy Weeks

Our big boy is 7wks old this week! It’s so hard to believe that 7 weeks have already passed since we welcomed him into our little family. Little James Louis has changed our lives for the better in every way. In what seems like no time at all, he has gone from a 9lb., 8oz. newborn at birth to 12lb., 5oz. at his 6wk checkup last week. It’s no wonder I feel like all I do is sit around and nurse that boy! His precious little face makes me so grateful to be a Stay-at-Home mom, whi


I’m so excited that you’re here to join me on this journey! I cannot wait to share the fun and craziness of my life, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do! I am a stay- and work-at-home mom and wife, and I absolutely love it! When my husband, John, and I first met, I was working nearly 70hr weeks – open-to-close at a fast food restaurant, and he was working 12hr overnight shifts at a manufacturing plant. Believe me when I tell you that it made for some very long days, very