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I’m a stay-at-home wife to a hard-working mechanic, John, and momma to a handsome toddler, James, and our new baby Jackson! We live in the backroads of Missouri, on a little piece of land that the bank lets us call our own, with our Black Lab/Great Pyrenees mix, Maverick. 
Growing up on a small hobby farm in southern Wisconsin, I often informed anyone that would listen that I intended to move out, get an apartment in town somewhere, and never garden or milk a cow again. At age 18, that’s exactly where I was heading. I was working a solid part-time job while finishing my homeschool career, I was heavily involved in my church and youth group, and still helping around the farm with the new milk cows and laying hens. In February 2012, less than a year after graduating high school, however, life threw a curveball that no one could have seen coming.  
Cancer. The dreaded disease that had already claimed my grandfather and one uncle, and made a pass at my grandma, was here to take its best shot at me. Five months later we rejoiced when I got my first clean scan! That feeling of a new lease on life is often regarded as a cliché, but having brushed shoulders with death and escaped with my life, that was exactly how it felt.  
I was in a hurry to get back to “normal,” but each attempt to make progress seemed to push normal just a little further out of my grasp. Then, after attending an annual writing workshop in Kansas City with high school friends, one of them joked that I should move down to KC to get a fresh start. We laughed at the time, but it stuck. In December 2013, I moved to Kansas City and started a whole new chapter of life! That move precipitated one of my favorite events in my life…meeting my husband, John. I met my best friend in June of 2014 shortly after celebrating two years cancer-free! Two years after that, we celebrated our wedding in the company of friends and family in a beautiful outdoor ceremony.  
Five years after moving away from my parent’s farm, I bought a house out in the country with my husband on a small acreage. In my search for something new and exciting, I married a man strikingly similar to both of my parents…and wants chickens!  
Come hang out with us as we navigate life on a farm with a new baby, one full-time job, one work-at-home parent, and house projects up to our ears!

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