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MidSummer’s Update

Here we are, folks. I know it’s not technically the middle of summer yet. Honestly I don’t even know if summer has officially started or not. But we’re almost halfway through the month of July, and that feels like we’re about halfway through summer to me. And it’s a good thing, too, because I am more than ready for winter to be back again!

Let’s recap the last little while quick…

Last night my son found the singular piece of fuzz that had come out of the dog’s teddy bear, popped it in his mouth before either of us saw him, and then promptly gagged himself with it and threw up. My husband, who is a sympathetic puker, miraculously didn’t throw up while grabbing me a towel. So that happened.

Today (it’s not quite even 2pm as I write this), I have nursed this child 3 times, two naps, I’ve straw-fed him 1/2oz of Ningxia Red, which of course led to bath time. Oh, and I had hotdogs for lunch. #winning (I’m actually not mad about the hotdogs, it’s been like 3 years since I’ve had hotdogs, so.) Tomorrow we’re getting this bottle in the mail for James:


I’m pretty excited, tbh. He’s already figuring out straws, just by me offering it to him from a straw in a cup that I’m holding, so I’m stoked to let him have something that he can do himself. We’ll see how that works out. Lol! He’s still 110% a little boob monster, and I honestly have zero interest in changing that any time soon, but I’m loving giving him some Ningxia every day, and he’s enjoying it, too, so I’m excited to give him this option!

We’re also starting to think about food. (how did we get here already?! he cannot possibly be old enough for this yet!) He’s 9mo old, obviously still EBF, but he’s starting to become much more interested in my food when we’re eating, so I know the time is coming. Due to the virus and subsequent shutdowns, we’re a little bit behind on the whole high-chair situation. We’ve got one on order, but it’s still probably at least a month out before it’s done and we can pick it up. But it’s going to be gorgeous, and I’m super excited about it. Even if it is another sign that my baby is growing up.

Yes, that’s Ningxia Red. No, he doesn’t share. 😛

On a less pleasant note, our car is in the shop once again. And by shop, I definitely mean our barn, because we can’t afford to pay someone to do the work when John could do it for less…and probably do it better than they would anyway. So that’s fun. Hopefully by next week we’ll be able to get it in for another MVI (which, hopefully, it will pass this time) and then we can get it tagged and ready for our road trip.

And until then…I’ll just be here trying to keep my teething 9mo old happy (enter my best friends Copaiba Vitality and Nature’s Ultra Cinnamon CBD), and my husband fed.

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