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Helping Your Toddler Survive

Everyday application tip comin in hot!

These are my must-have oils for James. Like. Do not run out or the world feels like it’s ending oils.

Actually, EndoFlex is the only one that’s that dramatic. But. I literally have three of them on my shelf on the wall, and another one coming in my shipment tomorrow. Why is it so important to us? Because EndoFlex is our main oil for endocrine system support. Energy levels, heart and breathing rates, body temperature, weight, mood and emotions, and even menstrual cycles are affected by these systems. MOOD. AND. EMOTIONS. Y’all. I love my toddler. But when we run out of EndoFlex, this child takes meltdown to a whole new level. Most noticeably, when he’s upset about something, he doesn’t recover from it. If you tell him it’s time to clean up the crayons and he doesn’t want to, screams and chaos ensue, and then it’s like everything he’s ever been mad about in the last 6mo comes back to the surface. It’s a mess. With the EndoFlex, though, he can pull it together. He can be mad about what he’s mad about and then we move on. 🙌🙌🙌 If you’ve ever had a toddler screaming and unable to pull it together, you know the value of what I’m talking about. You need this.

Lavender. Lavender is soothing and calming. You see where I’m going with this.

KidPower. This is great for big feelings. Do you love Valor? This is the kid version of Valor. Same ingredients, plus vanilla and orange. It smells like creamsicle heaven. If you or your kiddo struggles with stress, worry, bad dreams, anything like that - this one is for you!

Cedarwood. Some essential oils are especially good for opening up the emotional centers of our brain. This is an opening to address subconscious memories and unresolved feelings that affect our health! Cedarwood helps us deal with these repetitive program glitches in our nervous system while also calming the mind and making our thinking more productive. Like the sprawling evergreen tree that this oil comes from, Cedarwood’s scent helps us to mentally and emotionally branch out, connecting and expanding our thoughts. It is also incredibly revitalizing for the hair, scalp, and skin! Lavender & Cedarwood are amazing for supporting sleep, as well.

Copaiba. I keep this handy when either of the boys are teething. It’s mild enough for babies or toddlers, but it works like a charm!!! 🙌

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