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How Enzymes Changed My Life

Picture this - Missouri, 2021. A woman sits in her living room with a newborn and a 20mo old. Several times an hour, the almost-2yr old throws himself down on the floor in a screaming, thrashing, angry tantrum over something. Sometimes he handles minor inconveniences, and other times they are nearly the end of the world.

This continues for nearly a year and a half. Some days it’s better, some days its worse, as most things are with little ones. But at least a couple times a day, you can find him throwing himself down somewhere and screaming - usually over something pretty innocuous.

That scene was my living room, that woman was me, and that little boy was my oldest son, James. Every day.

And then, one mid-January day in 2023, a friend told me about something she did for her daughter. She had told me about it before, but it had been a while, and it was before my pregnancy and toddlerhood had started working its ‘magic’ on my sweet little boy. But she mentioned it again, and this time it caught my attention.

She told me he might need Essentialzyme. I had been giving him a different enzyme, but I was desperate, and decided to give it a try. I had a partial bottle in the cupboard, so I asked her for more details on how she got these very large tablets into her kiddos, and went looking for my old coffee grinder. This was on a Sunday afternoon.

I gave him some “juice” (enzymes mixed with our favorite nutritional purée) in his water bottle, that evening, and again the next morning. By Monday evening, while my husband was putting him to bed, I asked him if he noticed a difference in James. He thought about it for a minute, and said that maybe he did, but he wasn’t sure. Personally, I was pretty sure I was already noticing a difference, but I paid attention occasionally in school, and I also know the placebo is a real thing, so I wanted to wait it out and be sure.

By the time Thursday afternoon rolled around, it dawned on me suddenly that we were down to one, maybe two knock-down, drag-out, kicking, screaming fits. And it was almost exclusively when I told him ‘no,’ he couldn’t do something he really wanted to do, or took something away that he wanted but couldn’t have - not the minor inconveniences that had been setting him off just days before. That trend continued as the next few days passed.

As of writing this in July, I can only remember a few times that I’ve missed giving the boys their ‘juice,’ and we notice the change in his behavior immediately.

Can you relate to my initial scenario? The kicking, screaming toddler losing his mind because you asked him not to drive his trucks on the wall? Or because you picked something up and carried it across the house, but he wanted to do it? Let me offer you some encouragement. Rest assured - some of this gets better as they mature and gain language skills and the ability to regulate their emotions. But in the meantime, momma, let me throw you the same lifeline that my sweet friend did. Grab this bundle, and check out the recipe below - this is what I make up for my two boys every day. Make it a loyalty order starting today so you never run out, and so you can earn FREE product credit and more with each purchase! Mark it on your calendar the day that you start, and come back and tell me your story.

I have also been adding PaleoValley Beef Organ Complex, Lemon oil, and additional probiotics, to address other needs for my boys, but what I wrote in the recipe is what I gave my oldest (then 3) starting in January, and also began giving to my youngest (not yet 2 at the time) as soon as he could be trusted with juice in his water bottle. If you have questions as to why I’ve included anything in my boys’ juice, please reach out! I would love to help you find the best fit for your family!

Add this bundle to your cart, and make sure you choose to make this your first loyalty order while you're checking out, and use code "SHAREYL" for an extra 10% off your first order! By placing a Loyalty Order, you will earn Loyalty Points on every order, including this one! Those points can be redeemed for FREE products! For details on how that works, please reach out to me any time. I also have a special "thank you" gift for you.

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