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Holiday Cheer

Hello! It’s been a while since I’ve done a non-class post, so I figured it was just about time.

We celebrated James’ first birthday – we had a great time making him some cutout cakes (family tradition passed down from my mom’s mom!), and had family out to the house to celebrate…the first visit to the house for some of them!

Jamie and Great Grandpa Tom

Jamie and Grandma Kimmie

James is obviously working on his walking…well, now running skills, and figures out how to get into pretty much everything in the house! The other day he pushed a tote full of books out of the way so he could get into the living room to play with the other toys.

One of my favorite developments in the last couple of weeks is that I’ve started making hot cocoa bombs!

These are so much fun! Just a chocolate shell filled with hot cocoa powder and marshmallows, the real fun comes when you pour hot milk or water over them!

Don’t let the look of that one fool you – it was a first draft and therefore not all that pretty, but! It gives you a great idea of how much fun these little guys are!

I’m trying not to make too many for myself, so I’ve decided to offer them for sale to anyone close enough for pick up or delivery! So, if you’re around the KC area, or hope that you might be close enough for delivery, drop a comment below.

Otherwise, not too much new going on. I’m still teaching my weekly oily classes, of course, although this month I think they will mostly be back to a little more old-school type of classes in our Facebook group. We’re going to be talking about holiday gift giving, DIYs, and all kinds of goodies that are going to be nicer to be able to search more easily than a video recording.

Ope, and just like that, the baby’s up from his nap! Until next time, my friends!

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