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July Comes in with a BANG

Happy July, my friends! The promos for this month have been announced, and y’all. There are phenomenal!

A lovely gal that I follow on Instagram, @bethanyjshipley, did this great write-up for us about these great free products that you can get with your order!

“💜 Envision: I diffuse this one in my office when I am needing to snap myself back to an inspired state. I’ve also diffused it during my weekly planning sessions and I walk away ready for the week, organized and inspired.”

“💜Geneyus: I once read that Geneyus was amazing for kids with sensory disorders so I decided to start diffusing it during breakfast, considering breakfast was always the hardest for us. Tears, gagging, texture, all of it was so hard. It was an obvious switch that this oil supported his brain in a way that I had never seen before. I quickly ordered this bracelet: and started sending him to school with Geneyus on. While academics were never a struggle, at our next parent/teacher meeting his teacher pulled out his “assessment” and gave us the option for our little guy to skip 1st grade. She said he’s “off the charts” ❤ Needless to say, we keep Geneyus stocked up around here!”

“💜Common Sense: Maybe it’s hard for you to not chuckle when you read the name of this oil. I know it makes me laugh. When studying the oils in it, I find some of the highest brain stimulating oils. Frankincense (um, hello pineal gland). Ylang Ylang (balancing). Ocotea (regulating the bodies ability to deal with stress). Goldenrod. Ruta (calms nervous system). Dorado Azul (Calming) Lime (Happy oil)”

“💜Egyptian Gold: Stimulating to the immune system, specifically when dealing with the respiratory system. Need I say more?”

“💜Valor: I still can’t believe this is coming in a 15ml. LIKE… hello. Yes. I am stocking up on Valor lately because of all the pregnancy emotions and feelings. It helps me melt into a grounded place and I find myself using it multiple times a day. In the diffuser, in rollers, on my solar plexus chakra in meditation!”

You guys!!! A FREE 15ml Valor!!!! That brings the retail value of the 300pv level of promos to just shy of $300. That’s crazy!!

Log in to your account at here! If you don’t have an account yet, get started right here!

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