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July Comes in with a BANG

Happy July, my friends! The promos for this month have been announced, and y’all. There are phenomenal! A lovely gal that I follow on Instagram, @bethanyjshipley, did this great write-up for us about these great free products that you can get with your order! “💜 Envision: I diffuse this one in my office when I am needing to snap myself back to an inspired state. I’ve also diffused it during my weekly planning sessions and I walk away ready for the week, organized and inspire

The Nitty Gritty on Essential Rewards

Let’s talk about one of my favorite things that Young Living offers – Essential Rewards! Want to get the most bang for your buck, and get the best products available for your family? This is the way to do it! I don’t know anyone who has enrolled in Essential Rewards and later regretted it. That being said – you can cancel any time, so why not give it a shot? Here’s the video I referenced in the class – Gary put this video together talking about the exclusive Loyalty blend! h