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Ditch Those Chemicals!

Cleaning products are a very common topic of conversation right now, and for good reasons! I wholeheartedly support keeping our spaces clean, but I prefer to do so with products that clean without assaulting me in the process!

If you’re looking for alternative to the harsh chemicals that can be found in just about every cabinet across the nation (but not in the stores right now, or so I hear), then this class is for you! I want to help you get your hands on the best plant-based, family-friendly products! You can clean without concern for your well-being, or that of your kiddos! In fact, they can even join you!

Now that you’ve learned All The Things™ about Thieves, it’s time to get started! Follow this link to get started! You can choose from the Thieves Premium Starter Kit, the Essential Oils Premium Starter kit, and several others! The website will walk you through each step, but if you have any questions don’t hesitate to reach out!

Next, make sure you get enrolled in Essential Rewards before you finalize your order! That way you earn the 10 ER points on the purchase your starter kit, and you can keep earning ER points to turn in later for free products.

Once you’ve done that, the hardest part is over! Now you just have to use your oils…and that’s the fun part! Below you’ll find a graphic with a recipe on it to help you get started with that – this is the recipe I use for my scrub in the kitchen. I use this everywhere – on my dishes, on my glass-top stove, in the bathtub, and on anything I need to get sticky residue off of. My husband even uses it to get grease and other nasty mechanic stuff of his hands!

We would also love to welcome you to our Crooks & Thieves education group on Facebook – Crooks & Thieves. Once the order for your starter kit goes through, we will verify your YL account with your Facebook account and you will be approved to join the group!

I can’t wait to have you join our team! Until then, happy oiling!

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