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Let’s Do Laundry

The original recipe that I’m using today, comes from the Lemon, Lavender and Laundry blog, but I’m going to add my own little tweaks to it, based on what I have on hand, and my own tastes. As you can see, today’s DIY did not exactly go according to plan. I got several phone calls in the middle of the video, and even managed to crack a jar! But sometimes that’s how it goes. Doing things yourself isn’t always easy or pretty, but it’s worth it if you want to be able to control w

Ditch Those Chemicals!

Cleaning products are a very common topic of conversation right now, and for good reasons! I wholeheartedly support keeping our spaces clean, but I prefer to do so with products that clean without assaulting me in the process! If you’re looking for alternative to the harsh chemicals that can be found in just about every cabinet across the nation (but not in the stores right now, or so I hear), then this class is for you! I want to help you get your hands on the best plant-bas

Glass Cooktop Stove Hack

Anyone else have trouble keeping their stovetop clean? Like, you get it clean, but before long you have to make dinner, right? And one pot splatters or boils over, and then before you know it the whole thing looks like a pan of grease was murdered in your kitchen. I get it, y’all. I used to hate having to clean my stovetop. Then, I discovered my new best friend, my Lemon Thieves Scrub. I use it on everything, but my glass cooktop stove has to be my favorite application! Just

Thieves® Dish Soap Hack

I’ve gotten a lot of questions about our dish soap. Everyone sees the price of the bottle and it scares them off. So, I want to let you in on a few of my secrets. First off, I’m a member, so I get to pay the wholesale price, instead of retail. Second, I always buy it on my Essential Rewards order, so I earn points back on each bottle that I order. Now, let’s dig a little deeper. All of our Young Living products are ultra-concentrated, so option #1 is to put about three drops

102 Thieves

Have you ever wondered what’s in your dish soap? Or your laundry soap? What about your oral care products like toothpaste, mouthwash, or that coating on your floss? What if you didn’t have to worry about that, AND you didn’t have to stand in the aisle of the grocery store reading labels for half the day? What if there was a company that you could trust, and would deliver all of your cleaning products right to your door? Enter, Young Living. Come hang out with James and I, and