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Teacher’s Best Friends

So many more momma’s are going back into the school year as teachers than were expecting to! Whether you’ve withdrawn your kids to homeschool them, or they’re attending their school virtually, you may be much more involved in their education this year than you expected. And even if your kids are going back to in-person classes, I think you’ll find a little something here for you and your family, too!

I would also like to add, even though we didn’t cover it in this class specifically, that our Smart Spectrum CBD products will also be the perfect addition to your back to school arsenal this year! You can learn all about them in this class that I did a few months ago.

When you’re ready to grab your starter kit, you can do that here: If you would like to customize your own starter kit, I can help you do that! Just drop a comment below and I’ll be in touch!

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