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Oils & Emotions

Emotions can be messy. If you’re like me, they’re not really your favorite topic. The trouble is that when we let our emotional health deteriorate, it tends to take the rest of us with it.

In this class we talk about how we can use oils to support new mindsets and emotional health. I’ll also include a few links below from the class that may be of interest to you!

When you’re ready to grab your starter kit, you can use this link: If you have any questions about the process, or you’d like to talk about which kit will best fit your needs, feel free to reach out! Comment on this post, or send a message on my Facebook page!

The Age of Emotion

What is the ideal age for emotional learning?

Understanding Your Teen’s Emotional Health

Understanding Your Teen’s Emotional Health

Aroma Freedom Technique

You can purchase Dr. Benjamin Perkus’ book here to walk yourself through the Aroma Freedom Technique, or find a practitioner local to you to guide you through the process.

Releasing Emotional Patterns

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