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MegaCal Challenge!

When I was pregnant with James, I knew I needed to replenish a lot of nutrients for my body. I ate well, I took my multivitamins and multigreens - not religiously, but I did! Then I got pregnant with Jackson, and I did the same thing. I struggle with remembering to take them, and it’s easy to feel like I would rather spend the money on something other than supplements.

A few months after I found out I was pregnant, I noticed something felt funny on one of my back molars. I thought it was just a piece of food stuck, but when I went to the bathroom to get a better look, there was a hole in the side of my tooth. I felt sick instantly. I had never had a cavity before, and while I wouldn’t call it a point of pride for me, it was absolutely an area that I could identify as feeling successful. For all my failures, at least I had been blessed with strong teeth, and I hadn’t gotten any cavities. Now I had clearly failed myself, because my tooth was crumbling away.

I put off calling the dentist, but eventually made an appointment and found out I had not 1, but 3 cavities. Three.

That’s when I started doing a little looking and found that lots of women find that they develop dental issues during and after pregnancy, even with proper care. Those sweet, beautiful babies growing inside of us just sap so many nutrients, and it’s hard to replace them all! That’s when I started looking for a calcium supplement that I trusted and that would be easy to take.

Enter MegaCal. Whenever possible, I love to get my supplements from Young Living. The formulation and infused essential oils make them up to 80% more bioavailable, and that means you’re getting way more bang for your buck! Plus, I know all of their products are covered by the Seed to Seal guarantee, so I can be confident in the quality of the products I’m putting in my body.

MegaCal canister next to a glass of Ningxia

I am currently on day 18 of a 60-day challenge to take MegaCal every day. So far I’ve forgotten twice, but that’s okay! I made myself a chart in my notebook and I’m marking off when I do remember to take it. Keeping it on the counter helps, and mixing a little Ningxia into the water is the real ticket. MegaCal has lemon-lime-y flavor, and is kind of great all on its own, but the addition of the Ningxia puts it over the top !

So why take it?

Magnesium and Calcium have so many benefits! From supporting healthy bone growth to heart and muscle health, it’s like a whole body support in one quick and easy teaspoon!

My foremost motivation for taking it was to support my poor teeth, but I truly believe the magnesium has been helping with joint and muscle aches as well. Both days I’ve missed have been this week, and I’m more sore than I have been in several weeks, and that’s the only change I can come up with!

Would you like to jump in with me and take a 30 or 60 day MegaCal challenge? Grab yours on subscription right here, and lock in a 24% discount on it! When you do, you’ll also receive a gift from me, and access to our whole community for education and sharing! if you want to grab MegaCal and shop around for anything else, you can do that right here: Remember - any order of 100pv, OR any subscription order receives a 24% discount, and any 100pv order qualifies for free shipping!

What do you think MegaCal could help you with?

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