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Gifts for Mom

Looking for some gifts for your mom? I’ve got some ideas for you!

Our mom’s have given us everything, and they deserve everything we can give them and more! And sometimes the mom’s we want to bless on Mother’s Day aren’t even our own mothers. Maybe you’re shopping for your mother-in-law, your sister, a friend, or someone else. Or maybe all of the above! Whoever you’re shopping for, there’s an oily gift for them! Check out the video below to see just a few of the options!


Follow this link to grab your starter kit! If you’re wanting to gift a starter kit and membership to someone, I can help with that!

The diffuser jewelry shops that I mentioned in the video are currently taking a break, so here’s a few I found on Etsy. If none of these speak to you, just search for something that does! TreetopDesignNJ – This shop has so much more than diffuser jewelry, but I love the look of so many of their bracelets! EverTrend – Bracelets and Necklaces! So cute!

Here are a few diffuser necklaces that we have on hand here for $18, shipping included! If you like any of these, let me know – we have multiples of most of these necklaces!

SilverOrangeBoutique – Perfume bottles and so much more!!

Tea for the body scrub:

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