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Cleanest Dishes Around

Hey everyone!

I’ve got a super fun DIY project for you today! Yesterday, I realized I had run out of dishwasher powder, and since it felt like I had just made some up, I decided to make up a quadruple batch.

I use a recipe that I found in “The Chemical Free Home” by Melissa Poepping. I highly recommend these books – this 3-book collection has revolutionized my DIY game. Once you add all three to your bookshelf, you will have solutions to every ditch-and-switch need in your home! There’s even a whole book dedicated to baby DIYs. I keep all three handy in my office!

I bought mine several years ago, and they have been my go-to resource!

I change up the oils that I use each time, depending on what’s handy, what sounds good, and what season it is. As you can see, this time around I used Lemon, Citrus Fresh, and Clove Vitality. And it smells incredible. And it is so nice when your dishwasher smells yummy when it runs. I can’t tell you how much I hated having that strong chemical smell, or worse – that stale food smell when it ran. I like to use fresh, strong oils in my powder, like the Lemon and the Clove. Another favorite that I’ve used in the past is Thieves, but since I was dangerously low on Thieves yesterday and waiting for my order to arrive, I went with Clove instead.

My quadruple batch made 3 1/2 quarts of dishwasher powder, so that should last me quite a while. Pro-Tip for anyone that gives this a shot – store your detergent in your fridge or freezer. Living in MO means that I am battling humidity all year-round, and the fridge/freezer is the only place that seems capable of keeping it at bay! Otherwise, you may find yourself chipping chunks of detergent out of the jar, instead of spooning it out as a powder!

Once you give these books a try, let me know what your favorite recipe is!

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