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Old Hobbies Rekindled

My daily routine hasn’t changed a whole lot with the quarantine situation that we’re currently under. My life certainly has – my husband’s work situation is somewhat unstable, church and all other outings (or possibilities of outings) have been canceled. But my daily routine is remarkably unaffected. I get up, I shower, I feed the baby, I change diapers, he naps, I feed him again, and I hope to get some stuff done around the edges…and then my hubby gets home and it’s dinner time and then bed.

Even so, I feel like I should be pulling out a hobby and dusting it off because of “all this down time” that I have because I’m staying.

Kay. First of all. I stay home. Like, that’s what I do. It’s practically an art form at this point. That was aided around Christmas when my car broke down, so that even if I wanted to go somewhere, I couldn’t, unless John was home and we could take the truck. But since that means unloading allllllll of his work stuff, we didn’t do it unless it was the weekend and we could just unload and reload once for whatever errands we wanted to run, and church, and whatever else the weekend had in store.

Secondly, I have no free time. I have a 6mo old who doesn’t nap my himself right now. My husband is still working, so I have breakfast burritos to make and freeze, lunches to prepare, dinner to cook in the afternoon, and a 5am wake-up call that I have to try to at least pretend to be rested for each more.

And STILL I feel like I should be making use of this time more productively.

On Sunday afternoon, I got a little nudge in the right direction. Someone ordered one of the rice heating pads that I have on my Etsy shop. I love making these – they’re so simple, but they’re such a pleasure to use! But I was also worried. I wasn’t even sure if Walmart was still selling fabric, much less if they would have rice in stock for the large heating pad that was purchased. 

Thankfully, Walmart did indeed have both!

I was able to knock out the whole project between last night and this morning, thanks to John watching James last night, and the fact that he happily played in his pack and play this morning while I worked. Now, my sewing machine is still on my table, along with the cutting mat and iron, and I have plenty of fabric to make some more up to have on hand to sell right away……but I’m not really sure where I’ll find the rice!

Anyway. While I try to figure out if any store will let me buy enough rice to make some more of these while I’m motivated and excited…what are you working on? Do you have free time to take advantage of, or are you still running just as hard as ever?

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