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On your marks…

Get set. Go! We are in hardcore trip prep mode around here – we’ve got piles of camping stuff in the nursery, I’m prepping food on every surface, and basically nothing else is getting done. That’s not really the point here, though. The point is that I’ve been food prepping like crazy, and we’ve got all kinds of stuff staged in the nursery, we did a test pack over the weekend to make sure everything fits…and I thought I would share my food plans here in case anyone else has a

In Which We Travel to a Garden Expo

We just got back from a super busy, fun-filled weekend at the Garden Expo in Madison, WI, where we had several wonderful people join our Young Living team! Weekend trips to WI to visit my parents always ends up being pretty exhausting, because we try to minimize the time we take off from work. We drove up Thursday night, after John got home from work, which meant we didn’t pull out of the driveway until 6:30pm! With a solid 6hr drive ahead of us, and a nursing 4mo old in tow,